IBM Brings Object-Based Storage Services to the Cloud

By CIOReview | Friday, April 1, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: In a major announcement made, IBM has introduced a new object-based cloud storage services to enable a seamless process of managing growing volume of unstructured data. The new Cloud Object Storage will support file and object workloads, which enables companies to install a single data storage hub that supports storage needs for traditional and web-based applications.

Cleversafe, an object storage company will combine with IBM Cloud Object Storage technology wise to enable enterprises with enhanced hybrid cloud storage-as-a-service solution. The key takeaway from Cleversafe object storage technology is that it enables clients with enormous data to scale to billions of gigabytes.

With the introduction of new services, multiple APIs and storage of huge amount of data will be performed easily. IBM will provide companies with on-premise and IBM Cloud, on which they can perform these tasks across the two in a hybrid environment, with the equal level of reliability and consistency of technology across all deployment models. “One of the biggest challenges enterprises face today is the massive growth of data, fueled by cloud, mobile, IoT, analytics, social media, cognitive and other technologies organizations eagerly employ to transform their business and engage customers,” said John Morris, CEO, Cleversafe, an IBM company.

The three configurations on which IBM would provide the Object Storage services will namely be Nearline, Standard and Dedicated in which they will provide cloud infrastructure for infrequently accessed data, higher performance public cloud and single-tenant IBM Object Storage system respectively for the clients. “By bringing Cleversafe technology to the cloud with these services, we will empower clients with the choice and flexibility needed to better balance storage cost, location, and compliance control requirements across their data sets and essential applications,” said Morris.

The new IBM Cloud Object Storage will be available in various licensing models including perpetual, subscription, or consumption to enable businesses to choose between the suitable hybrid cloud object storage solution. “With expanded object storage as a service offering, we anticipate a new level of flexibility and choice, giving us added confidence knowing we can flex as our business and industry demands it. This is increasingly important. As technology and our businesses continue to develop, we’re storing more rich assets than ever before.” said Mark Keller, Principal Solutions & Enterprise Architect, Coretech, a WPP company.