IBM Cloud Marketplace, an Enterprise App Store Launched
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IBM Cloud Marketplace, an Enterprise App Store Launched

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 6, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Catching up with the cloud movement, IBM opens up its own enterprise app store called IBM Cloud Marketplace for the benefit of IT managers, developers and business leaders. At the IBM Cloud Marketplace, enterprises can choose apps according to their needs from the several cloud services from both IBM and its partners with a credit card swipe.  This app store is IBM’s answer to competitors, establishing themselves as a cloud company like AWS, Microsoft or Google.

“The IBM Cloud Marketplace is really more than an app store, it’s a place where you can get everything you need,” said Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President of IBM Software & Cloud Solutions.

The marketplace presents developers a cloud-based development environment where individual developers and enterprise development teams can effectively build enterprise applications via services and application protocol. While for business professionals, IBM Cloud Marketplace serves as a single stop shop to learn, deploy and use the apps and services, for IT departments, it provides a secure set of cloud services that assists the clients to deploy cloud and enterprise level performance.

In the major step by IBM in its cloud journey, clients can access and deploy full suite of IBM-as-a-Service with more than 100 SaaS applications, IBM's BlueMix platform-as-a-service and the SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service, and support high performance businesses at enterprise scale. 

"IBM Cloud marketplace puts Big Data and analytics, mobile, social, commerce, integration the full power of IBM-as-a-Service and our ecosystems at our clients’ fingertips to help them quickly deliver innovative services to their constituents,” notes LeBlanc.

IBM Cloud Marketplace will have apps for marketing, running a supply chain, finance and legal services, and several other business-specific purposes. Third party apps like New Relic-software performance service; SendGrid- cloud-based email delivery service; Twilio for phone-based apps; and MongoDB for databases in the cloud will also be available on this store.

“IBM has brought together a full suite of enterprise-class cloud services and software and made these solutions simple to consume and integrate, whether you are an enterprise developer or forward-looking business execcutive,” said Andi Gutmans, CEO and co-founder of Zend, a web infrastructure software company.

The app store provides the stage for collaboration between vendors and enterprises and opens up new opportunities for innovations in cloud platform and services, capitalizing the 250 billion cloud market. “The IBM Cloud Marketplace will be available to all IBM and non-IBM customers. Whether you're using BlueMix, or SoftLayer, or another IBM product, the IBM marketplace will be there to serve you. As a vendor, being able to reach all IBM customers from one place is very exciting,” says Jim Franklin, CEO of SendGrid, the email delivery and management service.