IBM Insights Foundation for Energy Delivers Contextual Awareness and Operational Insights

By CIOReview | Monday, July 20, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: IBM recently announced the launch of cloud oriented enterprise wide analytics platform “IBM Insights Foundation for Energy” for Energy and Utility industry, helping them to employ enhanced decision making solutions throughout the energy ecosystem.

IBM Insights Foundation for Energy is a data management and visualization software built from IBM business analytics software which accumulates applications and building blocks for energy analytics in unified solution. It offers reliable resources to reduce costly downtime and asset failures and optimize network availability, expenditure maintenance and operational activity.

National Grid, an electricity and gas company delivering clean energy solutions worked with IBM to improve decision making and maintenance policies, helping to pioneer data driven approach. Jon Fenn, Head of Network Engineering, National Grid,says “We are also getting the ability to see asset conditions -- a really useful way for us to manage risk in this business”.

 IBM Insights Foundation for Energy integrates data from sensors, supervisory control and data acquisition systems and enterprise asset management systems. It has capability to correlate, analyze and visualize data within and across systems and processes as well as design innovative business processes through silo-breaking analytics.

To manage resources efficiently,  business needs to have 360-degree view of network and develop condition-based maintenance practices implementing quality assessments, risk analysis and check asset health scores with correlated data; in order to fulfill these needs IBM Insights Foundation for Energy provide built-in analytics applications.

Through their customized analytics applications integration energy and utility businesses can create company specific analytics models with proprietary algorithms and development building blocks. Subsequently it reduces IT costs and enhances real time analytic applications securely delivered via the SoftLayer infrastructure, a Software-as-a-Service subscription model.