IBM Launches SmartCloud Data Virtualization in Partnership with Actifio

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fremont, CA: IBM in partnership with Actifio has launched IBM SmartCloud Data Virtualization (SCDV). This launch is a new addition to its pool of cloud software and services. The Database Virtualization service is a solution that helps in significantly reducing the number of duplicate copies of a single data that commonly proliferate in the present distributed (cloud) environment.

 Actifio has been a partner of IBM for a decent amount of time and this deal has further strengthened the relationship. Actifio has made significant growth in the IT industry owing to its remarkable product that has been widely accepted as the efficient tool to tackle the spiraling expenditure on data storage management and services.

IBM’s SmartCloud Data Virtualization uses Actifio’s “Virtual Data Pipeline Technology,” a distributed object file system that allows the applications to access copy data directly through Actifio Copy Data Storage.  Considering that a tremendous amount of replication that happens while using the data in various departments of an organization like development, testing and analysis,   maintaining a single location of database is better. A minimum amount of virtualized data on a required basis greatly eases the burden of swelling costs that a company dreads. Besides, it offers other benefits such as faster recovery time and enhanced ease of use.

IBM has made a $1.2bn investment in the form of SCDV and hopes to increase its influence over the $100bn cloud business market, according to Forbes. It is believed that IBM will now be able to deliver an overarching service that other companies provide in parts.