IBM Linuxone Encompasses Emperor and Rockhopper for Agility and Security

By CIOReview | Monday, February 1, 2016

ARMONK, NY: IBM delivers fast, easy and automated access to public, private and hybrid cloud services helping clients transform digitally. IBM’s Linuxone is one of the most secure Linux platforms to deliver efficient and powerful performance. To make its high-performance Linux systems more efficient, IBM added new technology and collaboration features. The enhancement brings up robust security for organizations to develop, deploy and manage cloud applications, in a more efficient and easier way.

To enhance its Hybrid Cloud capabilities, IBM is revamping its Cloudant and StrongLoop technologies for LinuxONE. Storing data in JSON format is common for mobile data, and this is what Cloudant, the enterprise-grade fully managed NoSQL does, which helps users to save time. It stores data natively in the system, without the need of transforming it into a different language. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side Web applications and, the new features provide a highly scalable environment which enables developers to write applications for the server side with the preferred language for Node.js.

IBM LinuxONE recently ported the Go programming language developed by Google, to expand supported software’s and capabilities for LinuxONE. Go designs simple, reliable and efficient software tools that have speed, security and scale. Also, IBM works with SUSE to collaborate on technologies in OpenStack space, employing SUSE tools to manage public, private and hybrid clouds running on LInuxONE. Adding SUSE and Red Hat distributions will proffer a third option for acquiring LinuxOne system. In addition, IBM unveils advanced versions of the LinuxONE family, which includes Emperor and Rockhopper for improved speed and processing power.

Rockhopper provides an open platform to choose the tools and applications and flexibility to meet user demands with virtually limitless scale. It drives trusted resiliency, secure cloud, enterprise mobility and operational analytics capabilities as the massively scalable IBM LinuxONE Emperor. The embedded security and efficiency in speed delivers a better user experience.

IBM Open Platform (IOP) which will be free of cost for IBM LinuxONE, contains a broad set of industry standard Apache-based capabilities like Apache Spark, Apache HBase and more, as well as Apache Hadoop 2.7.1., bestowing analytics and big data. As a contribution to the open source technology, IBM optimizes Open Managed Runtime project (OMR) for LinuxONE which offers new dynamic scripting languages.