IBM Looks Forward to Deliver Native-Language-based App Experience for Global Audience

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Consumers in digital marketplace are thriving for a user experience with their preferred language. A survey in 2014 conducted by Common Sense Advisory with thousands of consumers from 10 non-English speaking countries shows that 75 percent prefer to buy products in their native language. Showing the way for the solution, IBM has announced a new cloud-based service that enables developers to automatically translate cloud and mobile apps into the world's most-spoken languages.

IBM has announced the beta version of IBM Globalization Pipeline on Bluemix cloud platform that serves with new global markets to companies without rebuilding or redeploying their apps.

The beta version keeping English as the base language supports nine additional languages including: French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

The agile solution automates quick and efficient app translations, allowing developer teams to focus on core activities like building and updating apps while avoiding the time for software translation, setting up translation processes, managing translation vendors, and redeploying apps whenever there is a translation update.

IBM's Globalization Pipeline service potential features include: machine translation combined with human post-editing capabilities to ensure quality and consistency; supporting a variety of app source file formats; a comprehensive set of open source software development kits (SDKs) which enable developers to update translations transparently without having to rebuild or deploy their apps.

This service enables retailers and companies with consumer-facing apps in expanding customer reach and loyalty in current growing markets.