IBM on a Mission to Transform Healthcare Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: IBM, the IT innovation company, makes strong efforts to connect the dots in delivering greater healthcare. It strives to enable doctors, researchers, insurers and companies to discover a world of possibilities in healthcare management.

IBM made big-ticket announcements including the launch of new cognitive computing cloud called IBM Watson Health as well as new partnerships with tech and healthcare companies, and new acquisitions to sharpen its computing and analytics capabilities. The tech company wants to have one massive crucible where healthcare insights can be churned out that will aid in improving healthcare delivery.

IBM Watson Health
The latest Watson Health Cloud platform enables amalgamation of personal health data created everyday with the dynamic and constantly-growing aggregated view of clinical, research, and social health data. These two health data repositories earlier existed in parallel with no interaction resulting in sub-par performance in delivering healthcare.

IBM binds these two siloed data sets and offers an efficient environment for the development of new applications driven by data that will deliver insights in real-time to realize faster and cost efficient healthcare delivery. The latest healthcare platform is driven by IBM’s cognitive computing, cloud, security, and analytics.

IBM with Apple: a new chapter
Apple wants to tap the opportunities in healthcare through a suite of applications and ResearchKit. It allows developers to build apps that store users’ health data out there in the cloud used by researchers. As IBM and Apple extend their partnership, the health data from Apple platform will be supported by IBM Watson Health. With this deal, medical researchers will be equipped with a secure, open data storage solution along with the power of IBM’s sophisticated data analytics capabilities.

New Acquisitions
The company has also acquired two healthcare technology companies called Explorys and Phytel. The cloud-computing platform of Explorys is being widely used to identify patterns in diseases, treatments, and outcomes. Phytel on the other hand helps healthcare providers and care teams to deliver quality healthcare through its cloud-based services. These acquisitions will enable IBM to sharpen its tool set in advanced analytics and cognitive computing.