IBM Reinforces Industry 4.0 with Watson IoT, Offers New API Capabilities

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: As industries enter the fourth revolution with several new automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies, IBM has pitched in its Watson IoT services offering the brilliance of cognitive computing to a number of connected devices, sensors and systems falling under the umbrella of IoT.

Watson IoT is at the intersection of cognitive computing and IoT. With the opening of its headquarters in Munich and eight new IoT client experience centers worldwide, IBM aims to drive collaborative innovation with clients, partners and IBM researchers to create new opportunities for growth in IoT. The Watson IoT Cloud Platform will also deliver Watson APIs boosting cognitive IoT solutions for clients allowing them to make use of the digitized data.

IBM’s open, cloud based IoT platform can be accessed by device manufacturers and industry oriented solution providers to test, develop and create enhanced cognitive IoT apps, services and solutions. Siemens Buidling Technologies, provider of energy efficient buildings works with IBM IoT solutions to augment their Navigator platform for energy management.

IBM uncovers four of its Watson API services to its clients in order to make better use of data through machine learning and correlation with unstructured data. The first among the four APIs is Natural Language Processing (NLP) API empowers solutions to comprehend human language by correlating it with other sources of data to contextualize it. The second API is Machine Learning Watson API that bolsters automation of data processing and monitoring of new data to rank them based on learned priorities. The third one is Video and Image Analytics API analyzes unstructured data from videos and image snapshots to get understanding of past events and upcoming situations. And the fourth API unveiled by IBM is the Text Analytics API that extracts unstructured textual data to spot correlations and patterns.

“With its unique abilities to sense, reason and learn, Watson opens the door for enterprises, governments and individuals to finally harness this real-time data, compare it with historical data sets and deep reservoirs of accumulated knowledge, and then find unexpected correlations that generate new insights to benefit business and society alike,” says Harriet Green, GM, Watson IoT.