IBM Rolls Out Security Analytics Platform and Marketplace for Cybersecurity

By CIOReview | Friday, December 11, 2015

ARMONK, NY: Throwing light on the security aspect of cybercrimes, IBM pans out its security analytics platform, IBM Security QRadar and a marketplace for security community, IBM Security App Exchange.

IBM Security QRadar is a platform that provides a unified architecture integrating security information, log management, threat detection and vulnerability management. It offers a real time correlation and behavioral threat detection to identify risks and high priority incident detection with complete visibility into network and application. Designed to analyze the data across organization’s IT infrastructure to identify potential threats, QRadar will allow its users to create rules to automatically take actions once the threat has been detected.

“With thousands of customers now standardizing on IBM’s security technologies, opening this platform for closer collaboration and development with partners and customers changes the economics of fighting cybercrime,” says Marc van Zadelhoff, VP, Strategy and Product Management, IBM Security.

The IBM Security App Exchange is a marketplace that allows developers, business partners and customers to share applications and security app extensions to IBM security products. It allows users to obtain apps to extend the capabilities of IBM security solutions, share their practices and find new solutions from other users. Third party technologies bring their solutions offering a variety of data and new automated search functions to security specialists.

Several organizations have pitched in to the IBM App Exchange to begin the sharing of 14 new QRadar applications by IBM developers with partners, Bit9+Carbon Black, BrightPoint Security, Exabeam and Resilient Systems. Some of the concepts that the new applications focus on include user behavior, threat intelligence, endpoint detection and incident visualization.

With the new QRadar application framework, the developers can build new QRadar applications through open APIs and software developer kits. In addition, all the applications will be tested by IBM Security prior to its debut in the App Exchange.