IBM to Offer Cognitive Business Solutions with IBM Watson

By CIOReview | Monday, October 12, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The emergence of cognitive computing, whereby systems learn and interact with humans and help them make better decisions by penetrating into the complexity of Big Data, has given birth to cognitive business solutions. IBM launches one such organization called IBM Cognitive Business Solutions under IBM Watson to help businesses enter the world of cognitive computing, reports Business Cloud News.

By adding a new wing of cognitive solutions to IBM Watson, enterprises will gain access to expertise of over 2,000 consulting professionals having knowledge in machine learning, advanced analytics, data science and development.

The cognitive solutions are not restricted to a particular industry but to a myriad of industries. For retailers,IBM developed a solution that analyzes client data from multiple sources, and makes recommendations from replenishment to pricing, to improve demand forecasting.For the insurance industry, IBM Watson provides natural language capabilities that helps in answering questions and giving advices about the company’s products to enhance user experience.To the Healthcare industry, IBM provides advanced technology for genomics to boost DNA analysis and accelerate cancer care. To empower the financial service sector, IBM provides cognitive solutions risk management and investment options. In the field of education, cognitive solutions help personalizing academic instructions and improve academic experiences.

"Before long, we will look back and wonder how we made important decisions or discovered new opportunities without systematically learning from all available data. Over the next decade, this transformation will be very personal for professionals as we embrace learning algorithms to enhance our capacity. For clients, cognitive systems will provide organizations that adopt these powerful tools outperform their peers,” says Stephen Pratt, Global Leader, IBM Cognitive Business Solutions.