IBM Unveils Intuitive Security Analytics for Travel and Transport Industry
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IBM Unveils Intuitive Security Analytics for Travel and Transport Industry

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Travel industry sees huge financial transactions done through credit and debit cards as much of its products and services are sold online. Airports, hotels, hospitality companies, and travel intermediaries transact with their customers through cards. Moreover a large amount of customer data is stored on their machines as part of the prospective participants in the reward programs and other packages. This draws the attention of cyber attackers as online poachers see this information as a treasure trove to exploit.

In this regard, IBM has introduced its latest Analytics software and services offering to help Travel & Transportation industry tackle the cyber security risks. IBM sees cyber security not as a one-time set up but as a continual and rigorous discipline in dealing with incoming threats. The Analytics solution is both defensive as well as proactive simultaneously. It combines counter fraud as well as security technologies and services to provide hotel chains, airlines, commercial freight, car rental agencies and other industry businesses with analytical solutions that track anomalies and zero in on potential vulnerabilities in the business’ IT establishment.

IBM uses its QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to create a unified architecture that integrates security information, anomaly detection, incident forensics and configuration, event log, and vulnerability management. The company’s Security AppScan software improves the application security on the web and mobile front.

The strategy followed by IBM’s security for the sector is: comprehending the current security implementations and developing an incident response plan; protecting critical data through a dedicated infrastructure; greater visibility into vulnerabilities; securing applications and safeguarding transactional systems.

In case cyber attack transpires, an Emergency Response Team from IBM who develop dynamic incident response plans will be available for the customer (business). Access to IBM security experts would also be available round the clock. The team ensures faster recovery and business continuity.