IBM Watson Health to Aide CVS, as it Plans to Take on Chronic Diseases

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CVS Health and IBM team up to recuperate the Healthcare Management services for patients suffering from chronic diseases like hyper tension, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity.  The collaboration will be bringing into use IBM Watson Health, an IBM business unit, to better allow doctors, researchers and practitioners to use the data and technology collected by the computing system to provide superior health care.

IBM’s Watson technology would be applying analytics on CVS’s database of 70 million patient records and gather information on nutrition, medical history and lifestyle, among other factors, to present a personalized look at health. Watson has been trained in interpreting information by human experts, thereby enabling it to find patterns using machine learning technique.

“The ultimate goal is the improvement in the outcomes, reduction of costs and an overall better experience for patients at the end of the day,” says Shahram Ebadollahi, Vice President, Innovation and Chief Science Officer at IBM Watson Health in a report by Jennifer Calfas, for USA Today.

CVS plans to bring into use the IBM-operated Watson Health Cloud as a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for researchers, physicians, and insurers to access individualized patient data. Also in order to protect the privacy and security of individuals the Watson Health Cloud tends to de-identify the patient information.

“While the partnership is just beginning, the ultimate goal is to identify subtle signals of disease progression that allows us to intervene in a more timely fashion and prevent poor outcomes, improving the patient’s health and at the same time reducing healthcare costs,” quotes a CVS spokesperson on The Daily Beast.