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iBwave Allies with Bell for Enhanced FTTP Network Deployments in MDUs

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 10, 2019
Claude Echahamian, President & CEO

Claude Echahamian, President & CEO

Wireless Network has become indispensable for enterprises in recent years. The Internet has broad implications today. A decade ago, the wireless network (cellular or Wi-Fi) was not a necessity in an enterprise environment—with internet usage limited to the sales and general admin; most businesses were operating with emails and wireline connections. However, today wireless connectivity has become indispensable for business operations. For CIO’s choosing the right options to meet the connectivity needs of their organizations is a critical challenge that is not easily met. iBwave, a Canada-based company, offers an industry-leading solution to help plan, design and deploy in-building wireless networks that consider the unique requirements of each organization and help design future-ready heterogeneous networks.

 Connectivity should not take a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather make the best use of all the options available​  

Bell has partnered with iBwave to adopt Fiberpass solution, which will help them in faster design and deployment cycles. The FiberPass solution provides fiber to the premises (FTTP) network builds in multi-dwelling units (MDUs). The quicker design and deployment cycle of the new FiberPass solution enables the operators to cut the cost significantly and deliver improved customer experience. Claude Echahamian, CEO of iBwave Solutions, who has twenty years of broad international experience with telecommunications industry says, “iBwave has worked closely with Bell to develop a solution to help accelerate deployment of Bell’s FTTP network in multi-dwelling units to keep pace with ever-increasing customer demand.” He further adds that FiberPass can create an FTTP design project in days, which would normally take weeks to complete.

Today, Network Complexity is a significant trend along with Network Densification. Therefore, when designing a wireless network for an Enterprise, CIOs need to understand the nature and demands of their network to better prepare for the future. As the demand for more broadband data is increasing worldwide and technologies are evolving rapidly, it is essential for companies to stay on top of all current and future trends.

iBwave’s solutions help enterprises throughout the in-building project life cycle. From analyzing the business case and conducting site surveys to designing, implementing and running the operation and maintenance.

“To deal with the complex set of network design needs many companies are looking at heterogeneous solutions that pair cellular with Wi-Fi to offer the best option that can deal with density. In general, businesses need an infrastructure that allows them to use many devices from anywhere in the building, also enabling remote workers to connect to the office network” says Echahamian. “Connectivity should not take a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather make the best use of all the options available” he adds. For its innovative work in the field of wireless technology, the company iBwave has been featured in our magazine CIO Review as “20 Most promising Wireless Technology Solutions providers-2018.”

On the event of the partnership, Bruce Furlong, Bell’s Vice President, FTTP Deployment & Access, says, “The efficiency and accuracy of the FiberPass solution has contributed to the rapid expansion of Bell’s broadband network and our fast-growing Fiber TV and Internet services.” He further extols that the recent software enhancements to FiberPass have helped the company to accelerate their inside design cycle further as they deliver Canada’s fastest internet and best TV broadcasting across multiple provinces in Canada.