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Icinga Upgrades and its Monitoring Stack

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Icinga has announced a new brand for its monitoring stack Icinga and relaunch of

FREMONT, CA: Icinga, an open source monitoring organization, has announced a new brand for its monitoring stack Icinga and relaunch of

The brand of Icinga was released on December 2, 2020, to the public with the relaunch of the new website When the monitoring solution had turned ten years in 2019, the management and the communications team of Icinga determined that it was the accurate time for a rebrand. The motive is to offer better communication to the features and abilities of Icinga, along with sharing the story and values of Icinga.

One of the significant changes done to the current Icinga is based on its six-core strengths. The strength consists of infrastructure monitoring, monitoring automation, cloud monitoring, logs and metrics, analytics, and notifications. The branding procedure includes the development of an entirely new design system and messaging.

"As we are transitioning from an open sourceproject to a product, creating a unique and recognizable brand strategy for Icinga is a big milestone. The efforts that we put in this project will help us to communicate more clearly and effectively through proper use visual and textual elements" saidBlerimSheqa, CPO.

Icinga began their journey as an Open Source project in May 2009. The Icinga GmbH originated as a company to assure the funding for the development and product management efforts in 2018. With the increasing partner network Icinga can now provide support services and training around the globe.

Icinga is an open sourcemonitoring stack that checks the complete infrastructures and applications. It even offers a detailed insight into the present state of environments and sends warnings through several channels. The powerful DSL permits the users to automate tasks and write and maintain their monitoring configuration as code. Icinga emphasizes on developing monitoring products utilized by operators and developers in small environments and large scale deployments.