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iCONECT Expands its EDRM Platform Through Xplorer

By CIOReview | Friday, September 23, 2016
Ian Campbell, President and CEO, iCONECT

Ian Campbell, President and CEO, iCONECT

HENDERSON, NV: iCONECT, a developer of innovative legal review software and services announced the launch of iCONECT Xplorer as an expansion to its EDRM platform that outlines the standards for recovery as well as discovery of digital data. The unique software product enables collecting data and information from remote sources thereby solving the ever increasing problems related to collection of relevant documents and files from a remote computer. The product empowers firms to remotely collect emails, correspondence and files to simplify the data collection process and eliminate recovery problems.

iCONECT Xplorer offers unique tile dashboard to the administrators, providing the ability to display document data, document status, and user metrics. In addition, Xplorer can be used for multitude of projects and operations including internal investigations, discovery requests, public records and files, and FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. The software also offers several deployment options, including access via e-mail and possesses the ability to define collections, easily deploy, and track collection progress during the process which are claimed to be the differentiating factors from other collection options.

Besides, Xplorer works in tandem with a multi-browser, hosted eDiscovery document review platform called XERA—iCONECT’s flagship product—which provides legal professionals with unprecedented control and cost savings over the entire eDiscovery review process. Xplorer is based on technology originally developed by Wave Technologies and is licensed as a stand-alone product or as an add-on-module to XERA.

Ideally, iCONECT permits organizations to search, sort and organize documents and images through a simple web browser. While continuing to be a pioneer in ediscovery review technology, the company’s expansion of the EDRM platform is intended to help organizations meet market needs and offer tools that provide eDiscovery marketplace with simple, cost effective and powerful products. “We will continue to innovate, and making sure that these features are intuitive and accessible will be the key component of that innovation process,” says Ian Campbell, President and CEO, iCONECT.