ICONICS Launches Enhanced Wind AnalytiX Software Solution
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ICONICS Launches Enhanced Wind AnalytiX Software Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, September 23, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA:  ICONICS, a Microsoft Application Development Partner of the Year Finalist, Gold Certified Partner and provider of Web-enabled, OPC-based, HMI/SCADA Visualization and Automation Intelligence software for Microsoft Windows operating systems, announces a greatly expanded Wind AnalytiX  software solution. This new solution offers extensive integration of energy and meter sources into one unified platform with real-time monitoring, automatic 3D terrain elevation drawing, an extensive data historian, advanced distributed alarm management and notification and data analytics.

Wind AnalytiX quickly turns large amounts of real-time and historical data into valuable information and monitors renewables' Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). With capabilities of forecast integration, production projections and other fully customizable report templates, Wind AnalytiX rivals other products on the market with its quick and integrated reporting. Advanced dashboards deliver rich user experiences and KPIs needed for optimum renewables management and to help drive continuous improvement. Additional data analysis capabilities assure renewable assets are online and producing at specified performance.

When failures do occur, Wind AnalytiX issues alerts and maintenance notifications and will provide automatic guidance, resulting in reduced downtime and reduced costs related to diagnostics and repairs. With role-specific permission, users can format custom dashboards to promote ease of use. Benefitting from advanced graphics, users are now able to select areas of EarthWorX maps to generate accurate elevation profiles with the 3D Terrain object. Applications with distinct data requirements can utilize standard protocols like OPC, SNMP, BACnet and SOAP Web Services. As a fully OPC-compliant solution, Wind AnalytiX offers Universal Connectivity for any project.

The Wind AnalytiX suite includes the following applications:

  • EarthWorX – Integrate live maps using ESRI mapping technology as well as Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps.

  • Hyper Historian – An extremely high performance Plant Historian that can archive high volumes of equipment condition, power, and power quality data at high resolution and then deliver complex analysis, charting and reporting.

  • FDDWorX – A Fault Detection and Diagnostics Solution – Advanced algorithms analyze, detect and predict equipment and efficiency faults.

  • PortalWorX– Simple-to-configure dashboard technology delivers the world’s leading visualization to any Web browser.

  • AssetWorX– An Intelligent Asset Technology that allows users to define assets and apply sophisticated intelligence and analytics. Defined assets can include wind turbines and substations, based on the IEC61400 and IEC61850 standards.

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