iContact Announces the Next-Gen Marketing Solution With iContact Pro

By CIOReview | Friday, May 8, 2015

MORRISVILLE, N.C: iContact, email marketing software and service provider rolls out the next-gen email marketing platform christened iContact Pro.

The advanced features of the software do not demand prior marketing experience. The features cover facilities like responsive email templates, engaging landing pages, workflow automation, social posting and monitoring, lead scoring and intuitive reporting. These skillset addresses the challenges promptly and contributes in achieving desired results.

The market statistics shows that email marketing continues to be one the fundamental reason for companies deploying marketing automation platforms. The addition of iContact Pro to the iContact portfolio capitalizes on these demands, delivering enriched user experience and an integrated email marketing platform. It also makes segmentation simple and leverage the data for more personalized and effective messages.

The major features of iContact Pro include:

Landing Pages: Create professional and high-converting landing pages

Workflow Automation: Set up workflows to target subscribers with the right content at the right time

Social Posting and Monitoring: Engage with fans across social media platforms

CRM Integration: Leverage customer data to automatically nurture leads

In-Depth Reporting: Understanding the driving factor behind a campaign success or failure across activities

On the launch of the solution,  iContact President Geoff Alexander states, “iContact Pro provides modern marketers with the features they need to create, optimize and measure their email marketing campaigns, all while providing the personalized and knowledgeable customer experience that iContact is known for.”