Icontrol New Cloud Initiative Strengthens the Connectivity Between Devices

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 29, 2015

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Icontrol Networks, provider of connected home solutions, augments its network of existing products by encouraging cloud based integrations.

As an expansion of its Developer Program, the new integration will enable application and device developers to incorporate solutions offered by Icontrol through cloud. New applications and products like AccuWeather, Rachio’s Iro smart sprinkler controller and Nest’s Learning Thermostat has been certified with aid of this cloud integration technology. The company is also looking forward to receive certifications in collaboration with 'Works with Nest' program offered by Nest.

“Many of the apps and products that consumers love – AccuWeather, Iro and Nest being perfect examples – are cloud-based,” says Bob Hagerty, CEO, Icontrol. “This new extension of our Developer Program means that any Icontrol-powered solution can more easily integrate with any cloud-based connected device, in addition to ZigBee, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave devices. This is an exciting step in our quest to remove the technological barriers standing in the way of smart home adoption.”

 The Icontrol Developer Program is a community for application and device developers where they partner on a common platform. The members of the program comprise of device makers, app developers, and service creators who works towards to bring Connected Home a reality. When a product is certified by the program it gets added into the Icontrol-powered smart home solutions portfolio.

 “Icontrol-powered security and service providers can offer their customers more device options, and those options can be controlled from a single user experience without bringing technology or compatibility into the conversation. Developers will benefit from a streamlined integration process, and increased flexibility while maintaining control over the device user experience,” says Letha McLaren, CMO,  Icontrol.