Idaho Transportation Department Deploys Paecetrak
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Idaho Transportation Department Deploys Paecetrak

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FREMONT, CA: BEM Systems, environmental consulting and information management firm has announced the award of a contract with the Idaho Transportation Department to implement a Right-of-Way software system.

The ROW management system for ITD will consist of a full suite of PAECETrak property acquisition and property management modules. PAECETrak is a Commercial Off-the Shelf application, proven to accelerate the clearing of ROW, successfully manage extensive property records, and maintain stringent budget controls while delivering at-a-glance project transparency.

"Our goal was to get up and running quickly, so a strong emphasis was put on selecting an off-the-shelf system that has already been deployed in production use in other agencies. BEM's ROW solution, PAECETrak, has shown positive results in other agencies and was found to meet the needs of our acquisition process, enabling us to efficiently manage all aspects of acquisition and property management, Nestor Fernandez, ITD's Resource Center Engineer.

PAECETrak is designed to coordinate amongst multiple stakeholders, manage consultants, increase efficiency and improve project management capabilities. The project to roll-out the new ROW system is already underway, and is scheduled to be completed this summer. PAECETrak, as a COTS system, has already been proven in many other agencies to meet ROW business processes and enable workflow among the ROW functions, encompassing Appraisal, Acquisition, Relocation, Excess Land, Engineering, and Property Management.

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