iDashboards Innovates Teaching-Learning Experience With Visually Engaging Displays

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: iDashboards, a provider of business intelligence dashboard solutions, announces the launch of a new academic edition of its dashboard platform to help Professors teach graduate students through data visualization.

iDashboards' free Academic Edition is an easy-to-use dashboard platform that can help professors and their students turn a thesis-worth of statistics into insightful, visually engaging displays. The unique dashboard gives students access to hundreds of pre-designed charts, graphs and maps. The new platform has been made for professors who teach graduate programs with concentrations in analytics, marketing, technology, business and engineering.

The free dashboard platform is available as a viewable app for iPads and Android tablets and can be accessed from anywhere. Students can use it easily to create and customizing visually stunning dashboards, without the help of IT or the need to learn a proprietary programming language.

"We are so happy to provide a program that has the ability to transform a student's learning experience so drastically for the better. The dashboards help graduate students translate classroom experience into boardroom success by providing data visualization that empowers them to excel in their courses and provides them with technology skills that enhance resumes," said Shadan Malik, CEO, iDashboards.