Identity Resolution: Building Consumer Loyalty with Customization
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Identity Resolution: Building Consumer Loyalty with Customization

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: In this era, when consumer media consumption is splintered, across an ever-increasing number of devices and channels, marketers experience the overwhelming challenge of identifying their customers and prospects with their brand through thousands of disconnected touchpoints. Resolving consumer identity across such touchpoints is the key to improving both consumer experience and marketing effectiveness, ensuring that buyers get the right offers on their journey at the right time and location. Companies that work with providers of identity resolution see the greatest advantage and find exceptional value in these providers' data management and integration services. In practical terms, identity resolution is based, on a graph of identity that compiles and links billions of individual consumer signals and touchpoints to a unique view of a consumer. It is a living and dynamic profile that allows a precise linking of identity and keeps up with constant changes in consumers. Such platforms use complex algorithms, matching patterns, and machine learning to connect data to a high level of trust.

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Multi-dimensional data from an identity graph allows marketers to finalize and expand each consumer's view in their first-party data, and to resolve an individual's inbound inquiries utilizing as little as a single identifier. This allows marketers to email highly customized messages to their specific audience segments as they make a purchasing decision, and possibly even before the consumer has thought about the purchase consciously. Marketers can use specialized analytical modelling with a robust identity graph and identity resolution platform, leverage rich transactional data, and combine positive and negative buying behaviors to generate a highly predictive score that implies the likelihood of the consumer making a purchase. Identity resolution can be used to improve the online experience of a consumer.

Unified consumer profiles allow marketers to target their messages better and build consumer loyalty with customization. Compiling, managing, and analyzing vast amounts of data is made possible by today's platforms for identity resolution and data sources that spark identity graphs. Marketers can take the next step towards raising marketing ROI while also improving consumer satisfaction with these sophisticated tools in hand.

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