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IDT Adds New VersaMixer to its RF Mixers Family

By CIOReview | Monday, April 18, 2016

RF-based communications systemsSAN JOSE, CA: Recently, Integrated Device Technology (IDT) released its new VersaMixer coupled with trending advanced RF-based communications systems to its ultra-wide bandwidth RF mixers. With IDT’s high linearity, VersaMixer’s F1192 and F1792 devices are compatible with any radio system and capable to provide high performance and low power operating between 400MHz and 3800MHz as per system’s requirement. While F1192 is a dual-channel RF mixer, F1792 is single-channel and now in a compact 4 x 4 mm 24-TQFN.

“This new VersaMixer family continues IDT’s trend of bringing innovative design technology to the markets we serve, and cements our RF leadership role for mixers, DSAs, and VGAs targeting infrastructure and other high-performance applications,” says Chris Stephens, General Manager, RF division, IDT.

The VersaMixer devices proffers configurable-gain operation to implement in wide array of radio card applications, it includes 2G-to-5G multimode remote units, backhaul systems, and public safety infrastructure. Leveraging the ultra-wide bandwidth, the units provides the necessary flexibility to radio system designers to optimize the receive system gain, noise, and linearity budget for virtually any application. Both the channels utilize low power to perform and assist high-density PCB layout design in modern remote radio units and small cells.

 “The unique combination of high linearity, ultra-wide bandwidth, adjustable gain, and extremely low power in one device has been enthusiastically received by early key customers,” explains Stephens.

VersaMixer devices operate on the whole bandwidth without changing the external components. This leads to a single bill of material that can support multiple RF and IF operating bandwidths, simplifying integration in different systems, and keeps a check over costs and market time.