IDT and 5G Lab Germany Collaborate on Technology to Enable Network-Connected Autonomous Vehicles

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

AN JOSE, CA: Integrated Device Technology, Inc. officially commenced a multi-year association with 5G Lab Germany in order to delve into 5G tactile networks, as well as the application of IDT technology to facilitate network-connected self-directed automobiles. The venture extends the Dresden-based lab's focus on merge 5G technologies with system-transforming function. The assignment's fundamental technology is IDT's low-latency RapidIO interconnect, which can be found in almost 4G telephone calls made worldwide, in addition to real-time sensor study in array of aerospace and defense structure.  

Gerhard Fettweis, 5G Lab chair and Vodafone Chair Professor for Mobile Communications Systems said, "With Germany's leadership in the global automotive industry, our lab's focus on the tactile Internet of Things, and IDT's low-latency interconnect and market-leading timing portfolio, the key elements are in place to tackle the real-time mission-critical challenges of platforms for the tactile Internet, including autonomous vehicles."

The joint venture will construct on IDT's lately announced RXS family of 50 Gbps RapidIO products, with computing appliances subject to development by IDT associates in the Open Compute Project's (OCP) High-Performance Computing group. The OCP's projects support assorted computing between x86, ARM, Power Architecture, GPU and FPGAs.

IDT's RapidIO technology plays major role to explore core element of the network. The 100ns latency RapidIO changing and intersecting technology will be put in place to comprehend 5G Lab Germany's visualization of renovate the vehicle into a linked machine by networking it with a 5G base station's "edge computing" server.

The early detail and developments of the collaboration are likely to be opened at the International Supercomputing Conference June 19-23 in Frankfurt, Germany, and the Mobile Edge Computing Congress, Sep 21-22 in Munich, Germany.