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IDT Collaborates with Prodrive Technologies to Develop Energy-Efficient RapidIO Switch Appliance Portfolio

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has announced its partnership with Prodrive. The firms teamed up to develop a new class of RapidIO enabled switch for delivering high bandwidth, with less functional time and energy efficient appliances for the development of a specific category of data center and wireless applications. The devices will be developed by using 100ns switch latency fitted for C-RAN, high-performance computing, financial trading, mobile edge computing, 5G and data analytics.

The latest products comes as an outcome of the collaborative effort under the authority of Open Compute Project (OPC) HPC group that is jointly headed by IDT. The switch appliances used by almost every download and 4G LTE phone call leverages the RapidIO technology.

"The single millisecond round trip latency requirements of 5G infrastructure will place considerable demands on all computing elements in the network, and these new RapidIO-based switching appliances deliver a leading combination of latency and energy efficiency," said Sailesh Chittipeddi, CTO, Vice-President of Global Operations, IDT. "This collaboration with Prodrive Technologies helps meet the needs of 5G edge computing and C-RAN in the telecommunications arena, as well as high-performance computing and data center analytics."

RapidIO switches are implemented for connecting computing components in the intensive systems used for complex processing hat includes custom ASICs, GPUs, DSPs, SoCs and FPGAs. IDT has transported over 100 million units of the10-20 Gbps RapidIO switches for utilization in the field of network production. The latest portfolio will use IDT latest announced RXS family of RapidIO switches as well as they will also employ a second-generation switch. It will further enable ports for utilizing it for up to 50 Gbps at lesser than 1.2W each port and 100ns latency.

The systems initially using switch appliances with 38 ports with an operating speed of 20Gbps can be utilized in data analytics systems and wireless C-RAN. The products are all set to be launched in the mid of this 2016. It will leverage 50Gbps RXS switch silicon of IDT made with 19-inch rack mountable systems. The switch appliances are featured with scalable modularity of 32 to 96 ports that supports rack clustering and multi rack scaling for targeted applications that supports heterogeneous processing with accelerators and CPUs.

The appliances built with multiple switches can be connected in leaf and spine network form to utilize the protocol of RapidIO to connect 64k nodes into a single port. Individual port can be configured with different speeds that include 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40 and 50Gbps, thereby they are tuned to optimize the total power consumed by the system, which depends on the application workload.
"The collaboration with IDT has been instrumental in winning computing and telco customers using our RapidIO- based servers and switch appliances," said Pieter Janssen, CEO, Prodrive Technologies. "By combining IDT's interconnect and market channels with the Prodrive team's world-leading design and manufacturing done in the EU, we have already deployed 10-20 Gbps versions of the switch portfolio in tier 1 telco C-RAN programs as well as top-tier European HPC-oriented data centers. The switch appliances, complete with Prodrive's RapidIO-connected FPGA/Power/x86/ARM servers, are also attractive for financial trading applications."