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IDT Launches New Digital Power Controller to Strengthen Its Power Portfolio

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Semiconductor manufacturing firm, Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has recently introduced the second-generation ZSPM1363, a Dual-Phase High-Performance Digital Power Controller. The new launch will help the company strengthen power management solutions and will assist customers in optimizing, monitoring and controlling high-power supply systems.

The second-generation ZSPM1363 is a configurable digital dual-phase PWM controller for high-current, non-isolated DC/DC supplies. It operates as a synchronous step-down converter in a single-rail and dual-phase configuration and integrates a digital control loop, optimized for maximum flexibility and stability, as well as load step and steady-state performance. The second-generation ZSPM1363 controller delivers high performance and excellent transient response, making it ideal for addressing the growing demands in the telecommunications, server, storage, FPGA and infrastructure markets.

The chip has extended one-time programmable (OTP) memory to offer storage for multiple application configurations. "System designers are increasingly adopting digital technology to control their high-power supply systems," says Ed Lam, Senior Director, Power Business Unit, IDT.

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The ZSPM1363 features resistor-based compensation adjustment and eliminates the need of reprogramming in the instances of load condition changes. With multi-programmable compensation architecture it provides fast transient response while providing low ripple, steady state performance. IDT offers a complete range of products that include memory interface devices, JEDEC-compliant Registered Clock Driver (RCD), Data Buffer (DB) to meet the tight timing budget requirement of dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) and memory interface applications.

Furthermore, the company offers FIFOs and multi-port memories. The IDT FIFO portfolio incorporates more than 350 synchronous, asynchronous and bi-directional products to help designers solve interchip communications protocol problems, such as rate matching, buffering and bus matching. IDT’s Multi-Port Memory portfolio includes more than 150 types of asynchronous and synchronous dual-ports, four-ports and bank-switchable dual-ports.

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