IID Helps Analysts in Detecting Threats, Introduces Rapid Insight Tool

By CIOReview | Friday, September 25, 2015

TACOMA, WA: IID, a cyber security company, has introduced a new threat indicator research tool - Rapid Insight.

Already in use by Fortune 100 and the government, the new tool helps security professionals, threat analysts and organizations combine distinct sources into a single query for related information about dubious domains, URLs, email addresses, hostnames and IP addresses, which saves time. It allows researchers to paste a suspicious threat indicator into the search field found in the Rapid Insight search section of Active Trust- the Big Data solution for Internet security, where the search strings checks that information against intelligence found in over a dozen sources, consisting DNS Lookup, IP Geolocation and Google Custom Search.

Moreover, the newly-launched tool saves money as it provides an affordable alternative by merging all queries into a single usage based-fee.

Commenting on its efficiency and speed, Mike Brown, VP of Engineering at IID, says, “Threat analysts are typically challenged with more red flags from their systems than they can handle. Being efficient with their investigations means they can simply address more of them than they otherwise could. Rapid Insight customers report that they save 15 to 20 minutes of every hour spent in investigations. That adds up to being able to address 50 percent more of the threats they see.”