IIoT- the newest sensation in industries
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IIoT- the newest sensation in industries

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is the use of internet of things (IoT) technologies to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. IIoT incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data technologies to harness the sensor data, machine-to-machine communication, and automation technologies in the industries. The connected devices in IIoT, monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze data, deliver insights about business decisions in the industry.

Benefits of IIoT:

•    One of the vital benefits of the IIoT offers the businesses is predictive maintenance. This includes companies to predict defect in machines by using real-time data generated from IIot systems before they occur and address the issues.

•  IIoT helps to improve field service. IIoT technologies help service technicians to identify potential issues in customer equipment before they become major issues.

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•  Asset tracking is another one of the beneficiaries of IIoT. Suppliers, manufacturers, and customers are able to use asset management systems to track locations, status, and condition of products throughout the supply chain. The automated alert goes to stakeholders if the goods are damaged or at risk of being damaged.

•  IIoT is able to mark everything that is manufactured with their blockchain code. It eliminates the possibility of faking any products. IIoT provides individual identification for every product.

IIoT enables machine-to-machine (M2M) communication in the manufacturing and assembly process, by letting the machines share important process information. Today smart mobile and tablet instantly notified the employees about any asynchronization happening in the chain of processes as employees are informed about the last batch of canned fruits did not reach pasteurization temperature in the canning process, or they will know even if the cans of paints are overfilled or underfilled. However, IIoT can solve these types of problems on its own by giving machinery responds whenever issues arise, providing instant and timely solution to not to manufacture any bad products. The machinery response is more able to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, which results in more monetary profit.

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