ILY Enterprise Releases New Set of Duplicators

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA: ILY Enterprise, manufacturer of Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicator announces the release of 3 new products: Xtend Pro SD/Micro SD Duplicator, iOpen Series HDD Duplicator and HD Mini HDD Duplicator.

Xtend Pro SD/Micro SD Duplicator is only 1/10th of a regular duplicator’s size; connecting up to 10 duplicators in a daisy chain fashion that can lend up to 239 ports for duplication. ‘Dual source copy and compare’ which is a unique feature with zero error tolerance, is implemented to provide higher data accuracy. The highlight of the product is Lock Password, a function that prevents occurrences of unintentional mistakes in the operation.

Other significant features include memory card sorting before duplication based on capacity and read/write speed; data transfer as fast as 25MB per second; supports asynchronous copy for higher production efficiency; incorporates a new core hardware technology to reach lower power consumption and higher system stability; extends support for the newest SD card specification, (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) SDXC; costs can be kept low due to the independent and interchangeable media connector design.

The iOpen Series HDD Duplicator features open platform design with high copy speed of 150MB per second. When compared to tower HDD duplicators, iOpen Series HDD Duplicator can be regarded as the ideal product for duplication of various formats like HDD and SSD. It saves time and achieves higher efficiency for exchanging and duplicating SSD when used with a SSD converter. Similar to the Xtend Pro device, iOpen Series also supports asynchronous copy mode for higher production efficiency and Fast Copy option for all the file formats available in Windows, Linux, Mac and other system format files.

Other major features offered are: extended support for mSATA, slim SATA, Micro SATA and NGFF format of SSD interface; both MBR and GPT partition formats are supported; 4K advanced format HDD is supported; automatic fan control system is installed to stop the fan when copying is completed; and multi color light stick shows the status of the work.

The next product, HD Mini HDD Duplicator, is a lightweight device suitable for anywhere, anytime usage. Instead of removing the HDD from computer, the HD Mini can be connected to the HDD inside computer through cable and 1 or 2 blank HDDs on the other end for data backup. Few Key features are:  weight of nearly 0.5kg; one-touch operation; fast copy mode; support for 2.5x3.5 inch HDD and SSD; and also the MBR and GPT partition.