Imation Introduces Secure Data Movement Architecture to Protect High-Value Files

By CIOReview | Friday, March 6, 2015

OAKDALE, MN: Imation, a provider of data storage and information security solutions, announces the introduction of Secure Data Movement Architecture (SDMA) to help organizations manage and protect high-value data files.

SDMA integrates storage-side and client-side data security solutions. It consists of a suite of security capabilities that can protect data at storage administration, file sharing & collaboration, server as well as cloud archive; ensuring protection at every stage of data lifecycle. The solution leverages the features of Imation’s Nexsan Assureon Secure Archive, IronKey Secure Storage and IronKey Workspace with Windows To Go solutions.

Nexsan Assureon stores all files as two copies and protects files or objects and they are fingerprinted to ensure that its history and contents are not altered. Users are provided the option of storing virtual shortcuts in memory and helps reduce the IT administrator requirements for restoration of individual user files. Also, it can be configured to allow multiple applications and virtual file system keeps cloud-based service providers and remote branches separate.

Further, Assureon secures files with three copies of a unique encryption key, where one copy is onsite and other two are protected at two separate remote managed locations. It keeps track of permission and denial of file access to users.

IronKey Secure Storage solution complements the holistic approach to protect and safeguard data of importance; it comprises encrypted flash drives that offer centralized management and the Cryptochip protects critical data by keeping encryption key management on the device. Additionally, the IronKey Identity Manager feature generates complex passwords, and the enterprise devices come with Mozilla Firefox browser and anonymous browsing option.

“SDMA really goes back to Imation’s roots of helping our customers store, protect and connect their information. This is a holistic approach that will include components that empower organizations to protect and preserve files anywhere and anytime,” says Claude Farmer, Vice President of Engineering, Imation.