iMedNet eClinical Platform Improves Effectiveness of Clinical Studies

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MINNETONKA, MN: MedNet Solutions, the healthcare company that specializes in providing electronic data solutions for the life sciences community has recently released its iMedNet eClinical Technology Platform. The solutions offered by the company, works on improving the efficiency of clinical study initiatives, helps in delivering the tools and dashboards required to manage the entire spectrum of clinical research.

“Our latest iMedNet Feature Release delivers key functionality designed to further enhance research efficiency, increase data visibility and strengthen system security,” states M. Clareece West, Chief Operating Officer at MedNet Solutions. He added that the feature’s entire supply or resupply process has been automated; the drag-and-drop reporting capabilities have been expanded apart from enhancing its already robust security functionality.

iMedNet eClinical Technology Platform provides a comprehensive solution that enables non-technical clinical research personnel to manage their own clinical research initiatives of any type, size or duration. iMedNet supports any research requirements and can be set up in few days. Its low cost and predictable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model makes it cost-effective. As it is hosted on MedNet, all that the user needs is a browser and internet access.

The platform which has extensive Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) capabilities also provides practical tools based on MedNet’s broad experience. The Study Build Tools provides features such as easy-to-use templates; automated clinical workflows, editable checks;  emails triggers; streamlined form and field development ensuring  appropriate user access and privileges for multiple participant roles.

It also supports, document tracking; simplifies upload, review and management of DICOM images; automates simple to complex treatment assignments as well as blinding requirements; collects patient reported outcomes with ease as well as ensures efficient inventory management from product request through disposition under Study Conduct Tools.

In addition to this, the feature under Study and Data Management Tools streamlines coding assignments, automates the entire process from document collection and notification to medical review and final decision; facilitates targeted SDV to appropriately balance risk and efficiency; provides easy access to the latest study data anytime, anywhere and ensuring rapid query identification and resolution.