IMINT Image Intelligence Partners with Rokid

IMINT Image Intelligence Partners with Rokid

By CIOReview | Monday, October 4, 2021

IMINT Image Intelligence AB collaborates with Rokid Corp. to incorporate Imint's groundbreaking Vidhance software into Rokid's industrial AR headband.

FREMONT, CA: IMINT Image Intelligence AB, a leading pioneer in video enhancement software, partners with Rokid Corp., a developer of augmented- and mixed-reality glasses and headwear for industrial applications. Under the terms of the partnership, Imint's groundbreaking Vidhance software will be incorporated into Rokid's latest 5G-enabled Rokid X-Craft explosion-proof, industrial AR headband, providing a new generation of super workers with on-the-job visual information.

The Rokid X-Craft is suitable with conventional helmets and may be worn in high-risk situations like oil and gas, electric power, aviation, and rail transport. It has two built-in cameras and a broad field-of-view binocular diffractive optical waveguide display. It has an IP66 rating for water and dust resistance and ATEX or IECEx certification in highly explosive environments.

The Rokid X-Craft is meant to transmit and receive video from frontline employees conducting field operations, inspections, remote training and collaboration, facility maintenance, safety and quality inspections, and other industrial jobs. The X-Craft contains Vidhance Footage Stabilization software to produce high-quality video, automatically adjusting for camera movement to provide the most steady video possible, even in low-light situations.

"Rokids industrial headband allows workers to easily access important video under some of the most challenging circumstances," said Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, Imint. Being among the first to integrate 5G into a head-worn device, Rokid understands the high-performance computing needs of workers in the field. "With IminitsVidhance video enhancement software, Rokid is able to ensure optimal video performance and clear resolution for both recorded and real-time viewing."

"Stable video is critical to real-world applications of the Rokid X-Craft industrial headband," said Liang Guan, Vice President of Business Development at Strategy, Rokid. "So is video optimization software that works at an ultra-high level across all the cutting-edge technologies our engineers bring to bear on a solution like X-Craft. Throughout product development, we've seen that Vidhance creates the video experience X-Craft users need to be successful in even the most demanding situations."

In the lucrative market for head-mounted displays and industrial wearables, Imint's recent partnership with Rokid highlights the vital requirement for steady, high-quality video in the growing field of head-worn devices.