Imminent Developments in Facility Management
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Imminent Developments in Facility Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 8, 2021

Facility management is a critical area in which one must think carefully and adapt for the future by implementing newer tactics and procedures.

FREMONT, CA: The facility management industry is one of the primary sectors that COVID has impacted. The way people live and work every day and how they manage operations in physical space is not simple anymore. People, processes, and technology can all work together to achieve digital transformation in commercial buildings. As a result, facility management is a critical area in which one must think carefully and adapt for the future by implementing newer tactics and procedures.

Companies rebuilt their infrastructure too quickly to meet the needs of the post-pandemic world as the workforce began making radical adjustments to how they live, work, shop, and socialize. In 2021, two main trends are expected to take center stage, and facility managers should be aware of them.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Are the Wave of The Future

More software companies are committing to innovation, paving the way for AI and robotics in facility management. Tools like robot facility monitoring and augmented reality that are connected with IoT will continue to evolve to keep up with the changing technological age. Businesses will also see automation features and Wi-Fi protocols that will alter how we approach our workplaces now. NFC technologies are already being used in conjunction with IoT networks to produce an ‘all-access pass. As a result, facilities management software will increasingly need to interact with other software platforms and electronic gadgets and equipment.

Green Buildings and Sustainable Building Practices

Green Buildings and the focus on sustainable construction principles are an older trend that will continue in 2021. More and more businesses are looking for facility management partners to help them minimize their carbon footprint by providing sustainable equipment and solutions. While the focus has recently switched to newer structures that are more environmentally friendly, older buildings can achieve energy efficiency by implementing contemporary technology properly. HVAC units, insulation tactics, and motion-sensor lights that automatically switch off are all technology progressing in the correct direction. Other choices include larger projects such as solar and geothermal energy.

All of the above developments have been accelerated by the pandemic's alterations. As these trends continue to evolve, newer technologies will undoubtedly develop to transform employee experiences influenced by facility management trends in entirely new ways. The facilities manager's function is growing in importance, and it is even beginning to change from operational to strategic. The facility management industry needs ongoing collaboration and partnerships with vendors who can assist them in innovating and evolving.

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