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Impact of AI on 2018's Top HR Trends

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 21, 2018

With AI appearing currently, large organizations have restructuring issues. Many global organizations believe that their organizational designs are less than ideal, but only a few know how to bring about a change. The answer lies in making sure global workforce “upskills” are qualified to handle new positions.

Artificial Intelligence and HR Trends:

While AI-related technological developments can cause sluggish growth in few areas of hiring, it creates jobs too. Below are some of the HR trends that we will gain prominence in 2018, in which artificial intelligence will play a crucial role:

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A Strategic Business Partner: HR has to work closely with the top management to become a strategic partner as the management makes strategies. Today, numerous CHRO’s have started to implement this. HR has to focus on understanding what employees require as this is essential for becoming a great employer brand.

Emphasis on Employee Productivity: Emphasizing on quality and productivity while hiring increases the benefits for organizations and employees. HR can be supported by people analytics in gathering data that determines characteristics and habits of people and teams performing well. This can help for future talent development and recruitment.

Emphasis on People Analytics: Once a technical discipline, owned by data experts, People Analytics has carved its niche as a managerial and business discipline. Numerous organizations in 2018 will see an increase in a stand-alone people analytics function. Amidst other tasks, People Analytics teams will create measures to link senior management and team leaders.

Learning in Real-time: As micro learning is slowly gaining popularity, learning modules are increasingly breaking up, providing employees with access to learning material when needed. An L&D approach can be adopted through gamification as well, as new virtual and augmented reality offerings making it more fun. The challenge will be to measure and track the performance of human capital of an organization to create or find appropriate learning solutions.

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