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Impact of Blockchain in Healthcare

By CIOReview | Monday, July 29, 2019

Blockchain helps the healthcare industry to safeguard data integrity.

FREMONT, CA: Some primary concerns of the healthcare industry today are accurate maintenance of medical records, patient identification, data interoperability, and ensuring suitable supply chains. Blockchain technology can pave the way to a set of solutions that solve problems existing in the healthcare sector today.

As a decentralized currency shared in private, public, or hybrid digital ledgers to maintain records across the authorized network of users, blockchain can be used to boost the healthcare industry in the following ways:

Data Integrity of Patients

Despite the advanced technology used in medical sciences, patient records are still not uniquely identified. Paper records can be taken over and maintained through blockchain, which will eliminate the problem of decentralization of patient records and patient identifier. A downside to unsatisfactory patient identifier techniques is that electronic health records can cause scams in every patient care organization.

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The features of blockchain such as hash value and crypto algorithms help in identification of the patients. Besides, blockchain professionals can personalize the solutions according to the needs of the industry. The reports can be securely accessed by nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, radiologists, and other healthcare practitioners to serve patients better. 

If patients’ logs are maintained on the decentralized platform among an accessible network of users, the pharmacists’ and technicians’ work becomes easier. Furthermore, patients can recognize whether the medical drugs provided are recommended and prescribed by physicians and medical associations.

Research Scholars in Data Integrity

For a group of patients, data integrating can facilitate scholars and researchers to get in touch with the treatment plans or give solutions to medical drugs depending on the record history. Patients can also get updated on the network if a new drug has been discovered or proved as a curative for a particular disease.

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