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Impacts of AI Fuzzing on Cybersecurity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Security breaches, data theft, and other cybersecurity issues have become a commonplace. Organizations are aware of the vulnerabilities in their security systems and are investing in a more secure ecosystem to mitigate attacks and hacks. Companies are hiring experts and boosting the security infrastructure, but none of these conventional measures seem to work at times. With threats evolving rapidly, it has become imperative to take the help of modern technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. By inculcating AI and ML with fuzzing, security experts have created the concept of AI fuzzing.

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Fuzzing refers to an automated technique of testing software wherein semi-valid inputs are used on computer programs to check for exceptions in behavior, memory leaks, and other vulnerabilities. It is a faster way of finding and killing bugs. It acts as a check for desirable properties like efficiency and accuracy in the system. The vulnerabilities, if found, can be fixed. The separate terms of AI and Fuzzing when clubbed, lead to a new concept in security. AI fuzzing involves the same process of feeding random data as input to check programs, but the data has increased coverage. AI has the qualities to achieve this. AI plays a role in making the random data more potent by understanding data used in the past, analyzing it, and creating new data inputs that have more potential to cover the full code, being tested.

Fuzzing and AI fuzzing, although described as useful tools for cybersecurity purposes, also qualify as tools for cybersecurity criminals. People do not give careful consideration to the fact that fuzzing and AI fuzzing allow hackers to find and target vulnerabilities and find points of entry into programs. Both exploration and exploitation become easier and faster for hackers when they use AI fuzzing. The scale of attacks is so high that responding with patches becomes impossible.

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One cannot handle these security threats with simple, conventional tools. Sophisticated security models and continuously evolving tools are the only solutions to the menace created by the bad actors. By not compromising on utilizing new technologies and by disrupting the sources of cybersecurity threats, enterprises can save their day from being spoiled by a security attack.