Implementing Intent-based Networking in IoT
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Implementing Intent-based Networking in IoT

By CIOReview | Friday, November 24, 2017

IT executives and enterprises require a comprehensive and flexible networking solution that automates planning, designing, processing, implementation, as well as deployments of products and services. With that in mind companies are in the process of implementing machine learning, neural networking, and other artificial intelligent devices to further the cause of Intent-based networking (IBN). To make IBN possible, organizations require a massive amount of information on the surrounding ecosystem to implement the best solution.

This factor has necessitated the requirement of Internet of Things (IoT) to create the impeccable data that would help to build the base of IBN through the abundance of structured and unstructured data. IBN networking with the backing of IoT data will have the capacity to operate critical application efficiently in time sensitive networking. The data extracted can from various IoT devices can be used to create a data silo to make analysis and reporting easy.

Against this backdrop, intent-based technology will be useful in creating further automated IoT infrastructure.  Internet-based networking combines the software defined networking with the intelligence technology.  This feature helps organizations modify their basic configuration according to the business need. Automation is the top most priority of IBN; it defines the real objective of the technology.

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