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Implications of Digital technologies in the Publishing Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

Digitalization has marked the advent of digital reading culture, enabling many more creative possibilities for writers and publishers to further, to evolve 'the book' and delight readers. 

FREMONT, CA: The internet, printing-on-demand, and e-book are the primary drivers of change brought by technology, that affect all elements of the value chain of publishing—from how books are published, distributed (digital marketplaces), sold (e-tailers) and read (digital books). Undoubtedly, automation has made a drastic effect on publication and continues to.

Today, everybody has access to a whole library in their pocket with the proliferation of smartphones. People can, at anytime, anywhere, read their favorite books. As a consequence, publishers are now concentrating on e-books a large part of their energy. Today, many physical books even contain reminders that they are also digitally accessible. E-books are opening up a whole fresh door for publishers. Publishers are reaching a new crowd with e-books. Many classics have been transformed into e-books, making them more appealing to a younger audience, and digital book production costs are cheaper than physical counterparts.

Publishing firms have put the use of information and analytics into their decision-making system, identifying trends in reading each year to find out which genres, titles, etc. have produced the most revenues. Social trends are rapidly evolving, making it essential for publishers to jump on them while still popular. Audiobooks are yet another driving factor in publication, particularly with the ubiquity of smartphones, the popularity of audiobooks has increased.

Self-publishing is a major shift in publication, leading from the increase of technology. Self-publishing has been a publication technique for years, but it has taken off only lately. For self-publishers, it's important to make sure they don't publish a low-quality book, which will harm their reputation. Writers, publishers, proofreaders, etc. were once available only through publishers. Now, as freelancers, many of these experts are readily available and can be of excellent service to self-publishers.

Technology has indeed affected the growth of the publishing industry very positively. The book finds its new form: technology helps it develop beyond its physical boundaries. What's never going to change about publication, though, is the essence of a beautiful tale.

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