Implico Incorporates TOC Module into OpenTAS to Simplify Truck Resource Planning and Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Implico, a software and consulting company, incorporates Truck Operations Cockpit (TOC) module into its tank farm administration system, OpenTAS. This integration will give users in tank farms an overview of all key truck operation processes and help them manage truck resource planning using single user interface.

Benefits of TOC

The TOC module provides a centralized workspace for release planners using a fully-automated tank car turnaround system, including all key functions. Tank farm planners can have a real-time monitoring of tank truck loading/unloading work. Not only the module identifies faults but also recommends solution for troubleshooting it. It is easy to use as new employees require minimum onboarding and training. Moreover, the design of the TOC enables site-specific customization facility.

Previously, for proper tank management, resource planners had to drag information such as load orders, hazard goods permits, driver authorizations and tank fill levels, plus meter and pipeline configurations from OpenTAS. But with TOC, users of OpenTAS will no longer have to deal with many input screens, they can now get a one-page view of loading operations and be informed immediately when problem occurs.

“We continue to use innovation-driven development for OpenTAS. With Truck Operations Cockpit, usability for resource planners was the primary focus, combined with an interest in further streamlining the business processes,” explains Michael Martens, Managing Partner, Implico.