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Implico to Showcase their Solution at UNITI Expo, Ushers in Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Thomas Weggelaar, CEO, Implico

Thomas Weggelaar, CEO, Implico

FREMONT, CA: The second edition of UNITI expo to be held in Stuttgart from 14 to 16 June, shall revolve around the idea of "digital transformation", and cover every aspect of service station business. Implico, provider of solutions addressing logistics and business processes for oil and gas downstream companies, announced their plan to showcase newer possibilities in service station management, extending services ranging from smart data to automation. SAP RFNO (Retail Fuel Network Operations), SAP's service station solution will assist significantly in leveraging these opportunities.

The concept of digital transformation is gradually affecting the service station industry, combining along the way digitization of all business processes and extensive networking of market participants like service station operators, suppliers, forwarders, regulators and customers. Oil and gas companies will benefit significantly as a result of this initiative and at UNITI expo they will be prepared to answer all questions concerning networking, data management and automation.

“We keep our focus on the logistics and financial processes of the oil and gas business. Our aim is to offer integrated order-to-cash processes, combined with real-time analytics, mobile applications and cloud-based services. These elements are decisive while creating tomorrow’s downstream supply chains,” says Thomas Weggelaar, CEO, Implico.

The main slogan for the trade fair exhibit by Implico sings about converting knowledge into value, describing how know-how from business processes and the involved automation can enhance efficiency, and forge values like competitiveness and sustainability. Meanwhile, information about the underlying technologies, such as the SAP RFNO solution will be furnished by downstream experts, utilizing case studies from market.

"The service station market of the future consists of market participants that are completely interconnected," explains Torsten Peter, Managing Partner, Implico. "Thanks to digitization, service station operators can achieve previously unrivaled transparency in their business processes and also expand their range of services. Other processes can be automated at the same time."

SAP RFNO connects the knowledge available in the supply chain to create interfaces for communication. Furthermore, economic situation of service station networks is displayed in real-time, inclusive of all revenues and inventories. A major highlight of the solution is its ability in re-defining automation using smart calculations. The pricing module service shall enable operators in determining the best price at which they should sell their fuels.