Implicos OpenTAS to Underpin Logistics and Shipment of Liquid Substances

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 21, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Implico, provider of intelligent IT solution for oil and gas downstream industry and consultation for SAP systems broadens the features in OpenTAS to support the management of packaged products.

OpenTAS is the dispatch system for the oil, gas and chemicals industry. The affiliation to bitumen manufacturer has proved beneficial to the customers in order to ship the products from refinery through tanks, trucks or as packaged products, depending on the nature of the goods.

Implico‘s product specialized in management of liquid products now offers a mode of transportation to ship inventory blocks, gas cylinders, general cargos; and the system also has the ability to configure interrelated packaging units independently.

"OpenTAS now allows packaging units to be freely defined. Users can specify, for instance, that a pallet has bitumen blocks comprising five layers with eight 20 kilogram blocks each, the wooden pallet on its own weighs eleven kilograms and the plastic wrapping one kilogram” explicates Thomas Fahland, Solution Manager Oil & Gas at Implico.

Along with the parallel inventory control of the packaging components and weight of the products, OpenTAS empowers full quantity accounting across all types of storage and packaging. This results in the possibility of management of stocks in tanks and packaged products at the storage locations. The system also benefits the general cargo firms.

 "Our solution gives companies significantly more possible applications for OpenTAS than before, for instance in gas farms,” asserted Thomas Fahland.

Implico’s structured graphical user interface collaborated with customers requirement makes the software intuitive and user friendly. Leveraging OpenTAS system simplifies conversion between different packaging units and production planning; also it enables refineries to calculate the quantity of packaged goods.