Importance of Adopting Workflow Automation
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Importance of Adopting Workflow Automation

By CIOReview | Friday, November 17, 2017

The emergence of workflow automation has transformed traditional business activities, roles, tasks and manual systems into a centralized, automated structure. Automating workflow offers quite a few benefits and hence, is being adopted rapidly by both large and small enterprises.

• Faster and Error-Free Work: Automating workflow immediately reduces the margin of human error. In addition to that, it streamlines the entire operational process, which helps faster acquisition of end result.

• Greater Efficiency among Employees: Employee accountability increases as there is a built-in oversight mechanism. There is greater visibility among management, which makes employees more responsible and efficient in achieving their full potential.

• Increased Productivity: A lot of manual tasks are automated with workflow automation, which allows the employees to concentrate on tasks that are more important and requires human attention. Reduction in repetitive work also enhances employee motivation, which helps increase productivity.

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• Improved Communication and Visibility: Workflow automation encourages communication between all the departments to ensure smooth functioning. Additionally, all the processes being performed electronically, visibility and hence, accountability also improves.

• Securely Access Documents: Businesses are starting to understand the power of cloud computing, especially when they utilize it to manage and store massive amounts of documents and forms. These files are protected by advanced cyber security techniques and can be accessed from anywhere. The automation software tracks each user who tries to access the files, which again increases accountability.

• Cost-Effective: With reduced human error and time-to-market, cost of production significantly decreases as the streamlined process optimizes the use of resources like time and labor.

• Real-Time Reports: Workflow automation generates real-time reporting and insights that can be useful for the management in the decision-making process and in driving the organization to its full potential by taking care of the vulnerabilities

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