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Importance of Data in Marketing Campaigns

By CIOReview | Friday, February 22, 2019

The biggest challenge for marketers is to reach their target audience. To target the right audience, they have to first understand them by gathering crucial information. Following trends without understanding them and making assumptions will lead to failure. Data-driven marketing campaigns can lead to unique insights.

Marketers have to gather reliable data before beginning a marketing campaign. The goal behind gathering data is to zero in on the intent and opinion for the product, industry or niche. If the customers like the product, the marketers must dig deep and gather information regarding what do they like and what they don’t like about the product or are there any challenges that need to be addressed?

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Marketers have to perform research and gather intel about customers. Datapoints like customer's likes, dislikes may impact their efforts and finally, the competitors. The tiring research process helps marketers think and generate an idea which makes it much easier to create a strategy.

Once the research process is done, and the marketer has created a plan, the next step is to gain feedback via market research, surveys, focus testing, polls, and other ways. Receiving input from current and potential customers can have a real impact on developing product and strategies. After gathering data, performing research, generating a hypothesis, and receiving feedback, the marketers have all the data to make a decision.

The gathered data will help in identifying the gaps in the marketing campaign as well as service. Listening to the customers, the company has to bridge the gap in the product, service or marketing efforts. Making decisions based on customer feedback makes the customer feel heard and empowered. Focusing more on the human element and less on social media brings out significant value. Sharing real stories and interviews with customers bring out the human component of the product or the service. Listening to customer feedback and incorporating it in the marketing process will empower the business.

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