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Importance of Integrating CRM and Marketing Automation

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 8, 2018

Introduction of Customer Relationship Management programs (CRM) paved the way to a genuine digital revolution. CRM is considered the key reason for the success of any marketing and sales campaign due to its cost-effectiveness, customizability, transparency and automated features. Besides these, CRM helps in monitoring HR’s primary functions, training the employees, mapping manufacturing and logistics. Integration of marketing automation and CRM has the ability to revamp the sales and marketing processes and leads to uninterrupted data distribution between two systems, allowing transfer of useful insights that help market leaders in gaining knowledge about the success of the campaign. Gartner predicts that the CRM market value will reach $40 billion in 2018.

Aligns Sales and Marketing

CRM data comprehension helps in structuring marketing strategies and anticipating user action. On the other hand, marketing automation efficiently monitors the sales process end to end. Thus, integration increases the business value by generating a market strategy and effectively implying them to develop integrated report format. The integration of CRM and market automation platform with the consistent and systematic process of obtaining insights and applying them for business efficiency reveals the true sense of automation.

Single Reporting

Apart from all the benefits, integration also avails a consolidated detailed reporting comprising the intelligent data analysis produced through CRM. From market understanding to lead generation to closing a deal, the entire process is tabulated seamlessly in a solitary reporting which improves the standard of report documentation, increasing the accountability and productivity.

Cost Saving

The seamless and transparent process obtained through the integration helps to enhance the efficiency and productivity in less amount of time. This in turn results in significant cost savings. Further, high-level data intelligence and perfect planning gained through integration can generate huge ROI in minimal investment.

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