Importance Of Knowledge Management
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Importance Of Knowledge Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Organizations rely on knowledge management systems for internal operations.

FREMONT, CA: Knowledge management is a tool or method used to manage, access, and exchange information. It is contained in paperwork, including manuals, guidelines, lists, databases, memoranda, and files. In addition, it resides in team members' minds—the knowledge that strengthens business. Knowledge is power, and when correctly utilized, it drives the success of a business.

Knowledge management is profoundly influenced by technology, which has led to the creation of powerful software platforms to facilitate knowledge management tactics. In response to new demands and obstacles, knowledge management software continues to develop.

Social interaction is the objective.

Unsurprisingly, social media will be one of the most significant information management trends in 2022. Every industry has transformed its marketing, communication, and work practices—the same holds for intranet.

A human-centered platform fosters information sharing and collaboration through a free-flowing, organic communication system. Notifications, activity streams, comments, votes, and likes are some of the numerous social aspects that get employees chatting and collaborating with a single click. Employee directories are another excellent source of information exchange. In addition to contact information, more recent versions display a user's hobbies, created internal material, active projects, and areas in which they participate. It involves connecting employees and fostering partnerships.

People are the greatest source of information, so organizations want them to find each other, exchange ideas, and grow together.

Advanced search indexing technology

A robust knowledge management solution would be useless without a powerful search engine. What value does the information have if users cannot find what they seek? Developers are aware of this, and search capabilities will be prominent when we enter the year 2022.

Internal search indexes will be easier to traverse, faster, and get the most pertinent information with minimal assistance. Businesses will receive all relevant search results by inputting a person, keyword, title, department, or applicable to a topic.

Tools for seamless collaboration

In 2022, versatile and varied collaboration features will be included in most intranet bundles. Businesses will observe a shift away from Gantt charts toward straightforward scheduling, transparency, and tracking


Several collaboration options are available, including task management, spaces, wiki pages, cases, and forums. From 2005 to 2017, the number of US employees who worked remotely "at least half the year" increased by 115 percent. It is anticipated that this number will increase. Therefore, technologies that facilitate smooth collaboration, editing, and communication regardless of users' location will be a defining trend in knowledge management.