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Improve Food Packaging with the All-New Banding Technique

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Branding and appearance are integral for a product from the food industry. The product has to influence the customer into making the buy, which mandates that it should look sufficiently appetizing. Ascertaining what the customers want to see is a difficult job, but companies in the industry should be aware of the general criteria of clean packaging and explicit mention of ingredients. Emerging as an excellent alternative to the existing methods of packaging is the ultrasonic banding method.

Among the many benefits that ultrasonic banding offers to the companies and packaging firms, are adhesive free decorating, transparent packaging, and sustainability are the three that are of particular interest to the food industry. The use of adhesive comes about with a lot of disadvantages. On the contrary, with ultrasonic branding, branding requires no adhesives. Packaging industries can use, as per their preference, a variety of banding materials like paper, opaque white plastic, or transparent film. These entitle the companies to benefits like less wastage, fewer costs, and more appealing packaging.

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The reduction in wastage that ultrasonic banding enables isn’t the only advantage it offers. Ultrasonic banding promotes sustainability on many levels. By using the method, companies do sustainable packaging that can be easily recycled. The processes involved in ultrasonic banding are also very effective and efficient.  Promoting sustainable processes works well for companies from the marketing perspective as well. According to studies, consumers are ready to pay extra for sustainable products. These studies imply that sustainable packaging can help brands create loyal customers.

The priority for a buyer is cleanliness. Clean food is an absolute winner. So packaging that enables customers to believe that the food confirms to hygiene standards is set to win in the market. Due to this, companies are opting for transparent packaging. With conventional modes of packaging, the underlying transparent layer is not sufficient and has to be aided with secondary and tertiary strata to ensure branding does not suffer. Ultrasonic banding helps companies overcome this by allowing informative packaging along with visible products.

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Keeping the customer demands in mind, companies in the food industry should look to adopt new and sustainable technologies like banding as staying relevant is an essential element for any business to sprout.
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