Improved Converged Supercore from Juniper Networks for Modern, Data Driven World

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Juniper Networks announces enhancements to its Converged Supercore – which it first launched in 2011 – in the form of better custom silicon, new line cards, and greater software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities. The new architecture delivers a smaller form factor and performs more than 1.5 billion filtered operations per second and it can scale up to 500 Gbps.  

Better Silicon Power
The latest Converged Supercore leverages the new ‘ExpressPlus’ custom silicon which delivers four times the performance and three time the efficiency gains over the previous-generation Express chipset. It is a 28 nanometer chip with the capability to drive 5x100G interfaces. While offering full IP routing and MPLS, it leverages 3D architecture and it delivers 20 times reduced physical footprint paving for optimized power consumption and space requirements. 

Powerful Hardware
New line cards deliver enhanced performance, scalability, and ensure cost benefits to the network. PTX 5000 networking hardware can be leveraged to deliver 3Tbps per slot for a total capacity of 24Tbps with an energy efficiency of half watt per gigabit. PTX 3000 on the other hand is apt for space-constrained environments and it can deliver up to 8Tbps.

Improved SDN Capabilities
The networking solutions company has enhanced the capability of NorthStar Controller – the traffic optimization WAN SDN controller – through which it delivers greater visibility and control over IP/MPLS flows in the service provider and enterprise networks. With these capabilities, networks can be better managed as they can easily handle vast and dynamic traffic from cloud and mobile platforms. The improved SDN capabilities enable dynamic adjustments to match varying network loads in real-time.

“Today, we build on the Converged Supercore architecture we announced in 2011 with the addition of new silicon, systems and software designed specifically to help our customers achieve unparalleled levels of scale in our platforms and a level of performance, automation and optimization never before seen in the industry with NorthStar SDN control. This holistic approach to networking gives our customers the power to innovate and bring new concepts to life through connecting ideas to people and people to solutions,” Jonathan Davidson, EVP and General Manager, Juniper Development and Innovation, Juniper Networks.