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Improving Network Surveillance with Analytics

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 2, 2019

Most of the medium and large scale enterprise networks likely use a host of traditional network monitoring tools which can detect threats and also provide some assistance to nullify them. Even though these tools can provide better information, they work on silos which is a significant limitation. To perform any authentication process precisely by incorporating better coordination among the team members, organizations are going to opt modern network analytics tools.

What does Network Analytics do?

Network Analytics leverages traditional networking models with automation to generate data that can help an organization to identify the specific problem. The generated data is then analyzed in real-time using AI methodology. With the convergence of all these data, network analytics can provide more accurate network performance conclusions with high agility.

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Most of the businesses are being benefitted with the network analytics software in different perspectives which are described as follows.

Time savings

A business is required to invest more time in the authentication of network performance issues using traditional network monitoring. Deployment of network analytics tools in an organization can describe the fundamental cause of the network performance issue along with its remediation in fewer intervals of time by addressing it to the networking team in the form of alerts.

Enhanced visibility and clarity

Possessing a vivid view of current and potential network performance issues can boost up the networking team with high confidence. Network architects are often concerned with new network demands on the same LAN (Local Area Network) or out into the WAN (Wide Area Network) or public cloud. Network analytics software can provide more accurate information about the network performance issues that are associated with LAN, WAN, and public cloud.

Improved the level of security

Compared to traditional network monitoring tools, network analytics tools are far better in accessing automated data flows which help companies in threat identification whenever there will be an occurrence of data breach or attack.

The use cases of these advanced network analytics can initiate a broad range of positive impacts on IT operations of an organization. Fascinating benefits of network analytics can help a company to manage its overall networking infrastructure with an end-to-end automated approach.

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