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IMS Connected Claims Solution to Connect Insurers and Policyholders

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2020

IMS supports insurers with maximum benefit by working with insurers with experienced claims professionals who guide the implementation path to mitigate claims operation impact and ROI.

FREMONT, CA: IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions), part of Trak Global Group (TGG) and one of the world's top three providers of connected car data solutions to insurers, OEMs, mobility operators, and governments trumpets the availability of its new IMS Connected Claims telematics solution. As the industry's best claims-focused telematics solution, IMS Connected Claims can be presented to an insurer's existing claims operation with minimal disruption and with no complex, costly systems. Additionally, IMS Connected Claims is a standalone solution, than one that with a component of usage-based insurance (UBI) program

The IMS Connected Claims solution integrates the powerful data-gathering abilities of IMS new, patent-pending Wedge telematics sensor while harnessing TGG sister company Carrot Insurances decade of experience in joining forces with insurers to provide loss ratio reductions and better claims outcomes for policyholders. IMS Connected Claims solution is a claims-focused telematics platform, enabling any insurer, with or without an existing UBI program, to deliver a low-cost connectivity solution to policyholders. It offers reliable collision notifications, and a clear picture of the circumstances of a collision, allowing faster settlement of liability claims and cut downs in claims handling shelf-life.

Insurers can achieve greater results by focusing on areas of greatest cost savings and benefit using telematics data alongside existing systems and processes including,  the use of data to provide quicker, more accurate decisions and to make determinations on the possibility of bodily injury. It also comprises implementation planning, process management, claims team training, and ongoing case-by-case assistance to support insurers quickly get on the path to ROI. There is no doubt in the fact that IMS is more than just a tech provider.