IMSA Conjoins with SRG Technology to Launch Maritime Security Alerting System

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: SRG Technology, provider of data collection and analysis solution, and International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA), provider of maritime security, launch Maritime Alerting Security System (MASS). It is a system designed for threat alerting, security management and compliance system that provides vessels and fleet managers real time threat alerts and management tools.

Being a state of the art threat alert system, MASS is an easy to use and configurable solution that sends alerts to vessels only after filtration. The MASS Command Control Center (CCC) collects, consolidates and validates data sources worldwide is operated by security personnel and sends only relevant threat alerts based on vessel’s location. MASS increases the security of the vessel by canceling out unwanted hijackings and boarding attempts. Once the crew receives any threat alert, they can make fast and informed decisions using SRG’s Blender dashboard on MASS- a portal that provides features like integration from disparate systems, configuration, personalization, and access control.

Some of the advantages offered by MASS include communication of threat alerts through vessel satellite receiver; procedural information determined by regulatory agencies; automated system that monitors threats; privacy reinforcement for vessels using secure encryption and distributed awareness allowing captains and crew to access same information simultaneously.

"The maritime industry regularly faces numerous and unique risks such as piracy; maritime terrorism; civil unrest; medical outbreaks; port delays and closures; severe weather; and other maritime hazards. MASS has the potential to revolutionize the way these threats can be addressed by offering a maritime security solution which provides vessels with customized threat data in a smarter and more meaningful way, securing safer outcomes and lower costs," says Neil Sterling, CEO, SRG Technology.