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In What Ways is Data Visualization Helping Businesses to Transform Reports?

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2021

It is commonly believed that the most fundamental way to help individuals be at par with overloaded data is by visualizing it. In simple words, it means drawing it out as a graph, plotting it on a map, or even utilizing data to create an interactive diagram.

Fremont, CA: Mapping out data visually makes it easier to understand the critical information, discover key patterns, compelling correlations, and significant trends, which might have turned out to be very challenging to unveil. The crucial point is to understand ‘why’ rather than just understanding ‘what’ is happening. Additionally, the best charting practices are to be followed. Here's how business reports and practices can gain from the data visualization tools.

The Accounting Department

While generating a monthly expense report, which is comparing data throughout categories like travel, office supplies, and many more, it can be overlooked in a spreadsheet; on the other hand, when presented on a bar chart, the data will be visualized. It is an easy way for the accounting department to compare information, and it displays highs and lows at a glance.

More organizations are proceeding towards transparency as a strategy where critical data is shared and is becoming very common. Simply just presenting dry profit/revenue/expense data to individuals can cause everyone to be out of sync. In the worst-case scenario, a lack of experience may lead to employees assuming problems in places where there are none. Data visualization helps to make the reports clear and digestible for all.

Marketing and Sales TeamTop Business Intelligence Solution Companies

Generating leads can be a fractured process. It becomes difficult to look at every step of the funnel and determine the conversation and engagement rates. Data visualization can help overcome that. The mapping of charts can display the journey of leads to spot and address the potential roadblocks efficiently. Simultaneously, areas of acceleration can also be easily noticed. 

Human Resource

The learning management systems (LMS) are being used by businesses for almost everything starting from onboarding and compliance training to performance review and stretch opportunities. LMS can also be a wealth of data concerning most of the essential assets of a company. The data might be wasted if not understood. The use of data visualization can help employee progress, which will be very useful to identify the best performers as well as those who have been stagnant.

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